Live Music, Jams, Prizes & more – to raise money to refurbish the spine mini ramp!

Join the movement to keep the wheels spinning at Southsea Skatepark!

On July 7th, we’re hosting RampAid, a charity fundraiser to refurbish the iconic spine mini ramp!

Just like the legendary BandAid movement of the 80s, we’re bringing together live music and jaw-dropping jams featuring BMX, Skateboarding, Scootering, and Inline/Roller-skating to raise funds for this beloved ramp.

The spine mini ramp can be a training ground for future champions. From the tyre marks of world-renowned BMXer Mark Webb to the recent success of local hero Jack Watts at the FISE World Competition, and Harvey Perkins, the 8th ranked scooter rider globally, who’s ready to elevate his game even further.

Let’s keep the legacy alive and thriving!

Mark your calendars for 7th July and join us at RampAid.

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