Roller Disco FAQs

How do I book tickets?
No need to book, you can simply turn up and pay on the door. Entry is £8 and you can hire skates for £3.

Is the disco for adults only?
No, it’s open to all ages, the Southsea skatepark Roller discos are a family friendly event.

Are you open in the rain?
For safety reasons, we aren’t able to open in wet conditions. We do update our social media with current conditions.

Can we bring alcohol?
The Southsea skatepark roller discos are a family event, so we don’t allow alcohol. If you wish to smoke, please smoke outside the park.

My child would like to scoot/board/bmx at the roller discos?
The rest of the skatepark during roller discos is one to use, just the rink that is not available as that is for roller disco use only.

If it does rain do we get our money back?
If it rains during the first hour of the roller disco we do issue refunds.

Do you hire roller skates and roller blades?
Yes we do! You can hire either rollerblades or roller skates for £3. First come, first serve basis.

How often are the roller discos?
Roller discos are every two weeks on a Saturday evening during the summer season (unless otherwise advertised). The roller discos are from 7-10pm. £8 entry £3 hire of skates.

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If you have any further questions, give us a call on 023 9229 5360.